Why you need to hire a Wedding DJ

Why you need to hire a wedding dj Wedding Dj

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that leave the celebrants with feelings of joy, passion, and love — what better way to start this new chapter in life than with quality music that will complete the magical experience? Many people argue that DJs are unnecessary because of the existence of playlists, iPod DJs, Podcasts, and other alternatives. What they fail to recognize is that, while the development of technology has definitely made the “iPod” an adequate “DJ” for parties, it is not the best and will certainly not replace an actual DJ who can make the wedding all the more memorable. Starlite Entertainment is a DJ and MC company that has been providing event services since 1998. They have been providing entertainment services in different events and locations areas such as Batmizvah DJs Norristown PA, Anniverary DJs Norristown PA, and Class reunion DJs Norristown PA, among others. Experienced and participative DJs and MCs are hard to find, but the right people will make a wedding more than just a special occasion.

Benefits of Having a wedding dj

While “self-DJing” or hiring a band for a wedding is possible, it is rarely the best option. Most people want their weddings to have a “killer dance party” portion and this requires the help of a professional DJ.  In addition to that, DJs are human, so (unlike with iPods) DJs are able to sense the moods and quickly shift the music, adding a more personal touch to the music and setting the background of the wedding.

The first benefit of having a wedding DJ would definitely be the music variety — DJs bring their playlists and collection of music from the 1950s (or earlier) to the present and allow guests and hosts to choose from them. They are also able to gauge the crowd and play music that would be best fitting to the guests present. They also present many different genres to please guests of all generations.

The second benefit of a wedding DJ is that he or she can double as a master of ceremonies — making special announcements, clinking glasses, or just giving your guests a fun, relaxing and enjoyable time. As stated earlier, they are able to add a more “human” feel to the music of the event and set the background and ambiance of the wedding reception.

The last benefit would be that there are no breaks, unlike with bands. Bands require short breaks in between sets to remain energetic. DJs do not exert much physical effort and, therefore, do not need such breaks. While this is so, they still provide some of the best music entertainment possible.

DJs are often overlooked and are forgone when planning a wedding — the benefits of having a DJ, though, are worth the preparations. They make life easier, and they will make the wedding a hit among the guests. More importantly, though, they greatly contribute to the intimacy and mood of the evening — making the special day even more special. Whatever is needed — Prom DJs Norristown PA, Country Music DJs Norristown PA, or even School Dance DJs Norristown PA — Starlite Entertainment is a firm that will make your dreams come true.