Choosing the Right Wedding Venues

Where is the Best Place to Tie the Knot? Choosing the Right Wedding Venues and Wedding Djs wedding Venues

Wedding day is definitely one of the most memorable days in your life. If you are a couple who are really looking forward to this memorable event, you probably want to have the entire event special and perfect. If you are hiring a wedding planner, make sure that you still have the full control of a majority of the wedding decision such as the wedding venue. After all, this is your wedding, right? Here are exciting and must know top wedding venues you need to consider for your wedding day as well as a place for the best wedding djs you can find.

Church Wedding

Church wedding is one of the most conventional and traditional venue for your big day. The decision whether to have church wedding depends on cultural and religious beliefs. Talk with your partner regarding this issue. What are the cultural and religious practices of you and your partner? Most religions adhere to a specific church ceremony, and they have their own standard of a church wedding. An example is for a specific religion that prohibits wearing sleeveless wedding gowns.  Some church also has its own standards of wedding practice and conduct a pre-wedding orientation before the actual event. If you are planning for a church wedding, you need to be prepared for this. Church wedding has the cheapest budget, and it may range from $1,000 to $5,000 of estimated.

Beach Wedding

Beach or island wedding is becoming more and more popular these days. Compared to the traditional church weddings, beach weddings are more customized. It is however, important to consider that there are a lot to prepare for a beach wedding that needs to be communicated with the wedding planner such as the exact location of the exchange of wedding vows, the place where wedding guests and bridesmaids will stay overnight, the reception area and many other issues. An advantage of beach weddings is the great view and atmosphere. If you have a videographer, an excellent wedding film will surely be shot. A major disadvantage of beach weddings is the cost. An estimated budget for a beach wedding is around $20,000, and this should be taken into consideration. Are you prepared for any emergency expenses during the course of planning? The cost depends on the location of the beach or resort. Additional costs include the wedding planner and materials such as chairs and other props. 

Garden Wedding

Garden wedding is another alternative to beach and church wedding. The garden is a romantic and soothing venue for weddings, and a lot of people have been discovering its value. Common locations for a garden wedding are the Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens, Berkley Botanical Gardens and the Miller Japanese garden in State Long Beach. Garden wedding tends to be more customized and personalized, but are less expensive than beach weddings. The estimated budget for a garden wedding is about $15,000 average.

Where to Find the Best Wedding Djs

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