How to Enhance Your Wedding Venue Using Uplights

How to Enhance Your Wedding Venue Using Uplights Uplights

Wedding venues require a substantial investment of time, money and effort in getting them ready for the festivities at hand. All this is to transform the venue and give it an image worth the posterity offered by wedding memories and photos. It is important to note that wedding venue decorations have not been left out by technological.

What are Uplights?

Uplights refer to lighting equipment used to light up walls in wedding venues from floor to ceiling. These lights are capable of completely transforming venues from plain rooms to stunningly colorful spaces. The lights can be set to any color preferred by the wedding planner to complement other decorations and even the bride and bridesmaids’ dresses.

In the past uplights were made of bulky lighting fixtures with light bulbs and covered by color gels to give out the required light color. These required professional installation and would consume a lot of electricity due to the nature of the bulbs used. To change the color of these traditional uplights referred to as Par Cans; one had to change the color gels. Today technology has improved the design of uplights. Modern Uplights are made of numerous LED lights that can produce a variety of different colors as per the user’s preference.

Benefits of Modern Uplights

Uplights that make use of LED lights to display different colors and transform wedding venues into spectacular sights come with a host of benefits. First of all, LED uplights tend to have a wide variety of colors that can be displayed as per the user’s preference. The lights can be set to change colors at different time intervals or according to the beats on different songs. These changing colors offer photographers a great chance to take a variety of attractive photos in different lighting conditions.

LED uplights are energy efficient and can be installed easily without the need for professionals. Since these lights can be installed without the need for any electrical circuitry adjustments, the bride and groom can lay them around the wedding venue by themselves, or with the help of friends and family members and  hence save on the cost of hiring professionals. It is also interesting to note that LED uplights are environmentally friendly as they last longer than normal bulbs and consume way less electricity.

LED uplights come with easy to use controls that can be operated conveniently to keep them on as required displaying the chosen color combination effortlessly. All the user needs to do is make the preferred settings as per their preference using the control buttons.

Getting the best setting for your wedding reception has been made easier by the evolution of lighting technology. The use of uplights has gained a lot of popularity in enhancing wedding venues. At Starlite Entertainment Dj’s we can transform any event space and make the atmosphere extra special.

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