Reunion Events

Turn your Reunion day into a day filled with memories and happiness!!!

High School, Family, Work, or any special reason to re-unite with past friends, Starlite Entertainment will re-introduce you to your past acquaintances. Reunions are usually a very significant event that the Band and/or DJ can skillfully make or break. At Starlite Entertainment we only give you the very best entertainers for your Reunion event.

Reunion guests want quality music from back in the day masterfully blended together.

So at Starlite Entertainment we will match your Band / DJ to your specific needs. We will work with you on your music policy and help you create a play list, that the guests will enjoy and dance too. We also beef up our sound systems and ensure your lighting with the latest in design to create a great atmosphere with special effects.

With over 36 years in the entertainment business, we will employee all our experience and skills to be sure that your reunion is the event of your life time!!!

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