Questions To Ask Djs Before Hiring Them For Your Event

What Questions to Ask Before Hiring DJs

DJs are the life of an event, whether it is for a school dance, a wedding, a corporate event, a retirement party or even a graduation party. With the right mix of music, the event will turn from sour to complete fun. Most often than not, during the initial interview, the team behind the event will not really know what to ask. This will often result to frustrations during the day of

Djs the event.

Questions to Ask Wedding DJs

If you are looking for a DJ for a wedding event, you may ask the DJ for some samples of songs that he or she, usually, plays during the wedding. Not asking this will put you in a risk of listening to songs that do not mean anything to you. It is your wedding, and you need to be in control of it. Therefore, you need to guide the DJ to the types of songs that you want played on your special day.

School Dance DJs – What You Need to Ask

If you are planning to hire a DJ for a school dance, it is very important to ask whether or not the DJ is a current member of a professional and acknowledged DJ organization. For one, this is very important in order to get approval from the authorities of the school, because nobody would want to hire the services of DJ who is a bad example for the students in a school.

Corporate Event DJs – The Questions

If you are interested in hiring a DJ for a corporate event, you also need to ask what the DJ will be wearing during the event. Since a corporate event is a formal function, the DJ should also dress in a way that shows formality and professionalism. At the same time, it is also important to know whether the DJ has insurance. This will protect your company from any type of potential risks that you may encounter if the DJ you choose does not have insurance to protect himself.

Other types of DJs are retirement party DJs, as well as graduation party DJs. It is your right to ask for work his or her background, the number of events that the DJ does in a day, as well as whether or not the DJ has already had experience working with any of your vendors and partners. This is just to clear things out and to make sure that your chosen DJ is already familiar of the type of music that you would want to play in your event. Asking these questions will significantly contribute to the success of your planned event.