School Dance DJs with the Best DJ Equipment

School Dance DJs with the Best DJ Equipment School Dance Djs

Breathe life to your Batmizvah, school dance, or even anniversary by hiring a DJ to supply you with cool sounds and special effects to make your party stand out. And when it comes to hiring a professional DJ service, you should do well to hire us because we have all sorts of DJs from Batmizvah DJs all the way to Class reunion DJs. Whatever kind of party you have in mind or for whom, with the right music, your party can be easily transformed from boring to the best.

Our School Dance DJs and More

The music being played in a party can be the difference between a party that rocks and a party that sucks. With that being said, our DJs know how to make your event worth remembering by choosing the best songs and sounds that will make feet dance to our tunes. We have the latest equipment on hand to ensure that, whether you are looking for reunion or anniversary DJs, we’ll be able to provide you with quality sounds that will lift you off your seats and start dancing the night away.

DJ Equipment for Prom DJs

Our DJ service is all about using the latest and best equipment for DJs to play the latest DJ music as well as create our own beats that will make you break out your favorite dance moves. We have the DN-D4500MK2 Dual Digital Media Player, to play different file formats in a smooth transition. Its key adjusts feature helps keep the music and the vocals true regardless of whether you speed it up.

We also use the Numark C3 USB so we can easily play and mix together CDs, MP3s, vinyl records, and other media and transfer the new mixes directly to the PC or laptop for further recording. This helps our Prom DJs put together new mixes that will work perfectly for proms and other school activities that need great dance music.

Our DJ service also makes use of special effects equipment such as the DYNO Fog II, Roland speakers, Chauvet lighting equipment and others.

Professional Class Reunion DJs

If you’re planning on hosting a class reunion, anniversary, or even a Batmizvah, you need to consider hiring a DJ service to supply you with the best dance tunes. And when it comes to the best DJ service, our company is on top of the list as our DJs have been in the entertainment scene for more than three decades now. Combine their expertise with modern DJ equipment and you can expect hiring country music DJs or even Batmizvah DJs from us to be the best investment for your money and for party as we’ll provide you and your guests a party to remember for a long time.