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Event LightingUplighting, Dance Floor Lighting, Monogram Lighting & More

Light up your dreams with Starlite’s special event lighting.

UpLighting is a technique used in lighting design to enhance the atmosphere of any given space. It involves placing lighting fixtures on the ground and focusing them upward. This method of special event lighting is one of the easiest ways to dress up an event space.

It can add color to a neutral surface, such as a wall or column. UpLighting can also be used to make the room appear taller by accenting any existing vertical lines, and creating new ones.

Another function of UpLighting is to highlight any inherent architectural features of the room such as columns and alcoves. Starlite Entertainment can transform any event space and make the atmosphere extra special.

Monogram Lighting. Create a “Wow” moment with a customized Monogram light. We will design a light with your initials, name, birthdate, or company logo and project it on the wall or floor. Your guests will love seeing it when they enter your event.

Dance Floor Lighiting.┬áMoving Lights on the dance floor create an energy that makes it hard for even your shy guests to stay seated. We can adjust them to match the music. “Electrifying!” Starlite Entertainment offers all the special event lighting options to create a ‘wow’ effect at your event.

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